Update 13.3


-The game now correctly displays at 1080p resolution windowed or fullscreen.
-Pixel perfect sprites.
-No tearing/flickering.
-Smoother Camera movement.
-NPC standing position adjustments.
-Title Screen reworked.

-Monsters vanish when you stand in boss areas/save zones.
-Spikey's ship minor changes to some of its layout.
-Lamp+boulder puzzles were removed and changed to something less confusing.
-Chests in Rocky Falls were resetting. 

-Many sound effects were added (pushing boulders, puzzle solving chimes, opening locks, etc.)

Battle/ Monsters:
-Monsters kept chasing you even while disabled from moving for any reason,
causing many bugs. 


There was an issue related to mac builds due to the name of the app file. The file is correctly named and shouldn't have a problem from now.


knights-of-tartarus-win.zip 68 MB
Version 6 Feb 01, 2019
knights-of-tartarus-linux.zip 70 MB
Version 7 Feb 01, 2019
knights-of-tartarus-osx.zip 87 MB
Version 7 Feb 01, 2019

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