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In Knights of Tartarus, you are a human that is too afraid to take action, too weak to fight against the evils that lurk. You now have to gain the courage and fight or remain in the forest regretting your past. 


Explore an open world and travel into the magical monster dimension called Tartarus. You'll find many friends and not so friendly characters along the way. There are many regions each containing unique puzzles, treasures, and enemies.

Fight against magic beasts to gain spells, crafting materials and gold. Each monster holds special and unique abilities which can be learned. Monsters also give you crafting materials for making equipment. Additionally, there are skill upgrades that can be gained by leveling up. These give you special perks like performing combo moves or becoming immune to paralysis, and much more.

Great and varied soundtrack.
Huge bosses that are difficult but fair.
A cute dog.


Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

In order to download this knightsoftartarus you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

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Version 3
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Version 4
knights-of-tartarus-osx.zip 55 MB
Version 4

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This game is looking really impressive thus far. I am curious will we get a steam key purchasing this and what did you use making this game?

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Thank you! Yes, you will. I'll try to setup the keys very soon (done ;) ). I used Unity.

This game looks amazing. I'm loving everything about it visually. Did you put it on Steam? 

With your style you could make some rpgmaker assets and make money off it.

Thank you so much friend. Yes this game is on Steam. I'm currently making an RPG UI/Icon pack but it's 1 bit atm. I will then make 8 bit and 16 bit versions.


This looks great! I'm interested in buying, but would rather wait till it's finished for an RPG. Do you know when it'll be complete?


In 3-4 months from now it is likely that Knights of Tartarus will exit out of Early Access.


The art is excellent :)

Thank you very much. ;)

The assets are available for buying in itch.io?

I'm specially interested in buying the enemies (frontal perspective).

No, sorry. But if you need art  send me an email at stellohexis@gmail.com


it has the hook from gooftroop! :D NOICE!