Update 13

Game changes:

Random battle encounters removed:
-Monsters are now displayed by a dark entity and they will chase you down. The more you succeed in evading them, the faster they get over time.

-Exp gain nerfed by 20%
-Escape upgrade nerfed by 25%
-Running out of battle nerfed by 10%

Bug fixes:

Hookshot: You can't hook into invalid tiles anymore.

Spikey's Ship bugs:
-Map reset was causing a boulder to appear in the wrong place causing a scenario where it would be impossible to clear the level.
-Another grid was also bugged causing the player to get stuck if certain boulders were moved.

Warlord pendant bug:
-When the warlord gave you the pendant the goblin player animation wasn't updating.

Earth Lair bugs:
-Rock in lamp room deleting itself.

Animation issues:
-Defense buffs would cause the Icebolt animation to start.
-Flame Wheel animation was not triggering.
-Judgment animation was not triggering

Battle bugs:
Slime turns into slimes (removed)
Confusion damage was not showing any animations
Confusion damage not triggering surrender


Map loading is much faster.


knights-of-tartarus-win.zip 68 MB
Version 4 Jan 23, 2019
knights-of-tartarus-linux.zip 70 MB
Version 5 Jan 23, 2019
knights-of-tartarus-osx.zip 87 MB
Version 5 Jan 23, 2019

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