Update 12.03

Game changes:

-More than 30 battle animations are now included in the game.
- You can now run by pressing and holding c or ' (quote) on the keyboard ('X' on Xbox controller).
-Battle transitions are much faster.
- SLP and FRZ status condition go away after winning a battle. You can not run while under these two conditions. 
-FRZ Heal now sold by all vendors.
-You can thaw out of FRZ by using a fire spell.
-Charon AI changes, now make it so that it doesn't spam Hade's Song if you're awake.
- Hade's song nerf: causes SLP (2-9 turns) > (1-5 turns)
- Frenzy nerf: Can attack 2-5 times > 2-3 times
-You can name your rival when starting a new game.

Bug fixes:
- Screen scrolling bug caused by moving back and forth between two screens was fixed.
-EVA buff bug that caused the stat to permanently stay the same even after a battle.


knights-of-tartarus-win.zip 68 MB
Version 3 Jan 11, 2019
knights-of-tartarus-linux.zip 70 MB
Version 4 Jan 11, 2019
knights-of-tartarus-osx.zip 87 MB
Version 4 Jan 11, 2019

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