Update 12.0

Happy holidays knights! I wanted to give you guys a special update for this holiday season

New maps:

The crypt is a very dark place located north of the forest and it contains much good loot. Even though the monsters are at a high level you can access the crypt for a chance to get good items and equipment at early points of the game.

This area has 3 new monsters and a key item which you will need to proceed to further.

Ice Lair, Tartarus

The fourth big dungeon (and Boss). New puzzles and mechanics, and 4 new monsters in this region.

After this update, I will start polishing the game a bit and fixing minor issues I have pending before adding the finale. Like always if you have any issues feel free to contact me, I’ll respond as quickly as possible.


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Version 18 17 days ago
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Version 1 Dec 20, 2018
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Version 2 Dec 20, 2018
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Version 2 Dec 20, 2018

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